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Discover Aviation’s Latest with Aviation Updates Philippines ✈️

Dive Deep into the Skies: At Aviation Updates Philippines (often referred to as AUP or Aviation Updates PH), we pride ourselves on being the premier aviation-centric news portal in the Philippines. Serving hundreds of thousands of readers monthly, we’re always on the pulse, bringing you the freshest stories and insights as they unfold.

Pioneers in Aviation Journalism: Our dedicated team of aviation aficionados is relentless in their pursuit to provide instantaneous, relevant updates for aviation geeks, travelers, and every Filipino who looks skyward with wonder.

Nationwide Reporting: Our expansive network of correspondents spans Manila, Cebu, Davao, and other pivotal regions, ensuring you’re always in the know about local aviation happenings.

Connect & Contribute: Join our vibrant community of aviation enthusiasts! Discover more on our website, www.aviationupdatesph.com, and stay engaged through our active social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Got a story or want to join our team? We’re always open to contributions and insights. Reach out!

Meet the AUP Team

Dirk Andrei Salcedo Avatar
Dirk Andrei Salcedo

Founder & Editor in Chief

Founded and lead Aviation Updates Philippines, the Philippines’ largest aviation news website, informing and engaging readers since 2013. As Editor in Chief, Dirk mentor his passionate team of aviation enthusiasts, ensuring high-quality content that empowers professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Marc Romyel Difuntorum Avatar
Marc Romyel Difuntorum

Marc’s keen eye for detail is evident in his love for die-cast aircraft and his invaluable photo and infographic contributions to AUP. When he’s not showcasing his editing wizardry, he’s defending goals as a football team’s goalkeeping coach or competing athletically for his school.

Francis Dominic Tupue Avatar
Francis Dominic Tupue

With memories of planes soaring above his childhood home, Francis’s love for aviation started young. As a writer by profession, he channels this passion into crafting news articles for AUP. When he’s not writing, he’s off exploring new places and immersing himself in diverse cultures.

AviationUpdatesPH.com Staff Avatar
Ira Jaidor Galgo

A melody of passions defines Ira. While his heart beats for Jpop and the art of composing, he is equally engrossed in virtual aviation simulations and dreams of one day piloting an aircraft. His love for manga and Japanese aviation publications adds to his multifaceted persona.

Joshua Noelson Cruz Avatar
Joshua Noelson Santos Cruz

Joshua seamlessly merges his passions, from spotting planes in Manila to enriching his knowledge in Science and History. An avgeek for 3 years and counting, he also has an affinity for collecting diecast aircraft models.

Your aviation journey starts here. Welcome to Aviation Updates Philippines. Safe flights and clear skies!


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