Emirates joins IATA’s Turbulence Aware Platform

Emirates, a major airline based in Dubai, has joined the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) Turbulence Aware Platform. This move signifies their commitment to elevating flight safety and passenger comfort.

The airline will be the first to integrate IATA’s real-time turbulence information with Lido mPilot, a mobile navigation solution from Lufthansa Systems. This integration will provide Emirates pilots with comprehensive and up-to-date data on air turbulence, allowing them to make informed decisions and navigate around affected areas for smoother flights.

“Actively participating in IATA’s Turbulence Aware platform and equipping our pilots with a complement of the latest industry technologies such as the mobile navigation solution Lido mPilot from Lufthansa Systems are part of our commitment to ensure operational safety, efficiency, and customer comfort on every flight,” said Captain Hassan Alhammadi, Emirates’ Divisional Senior Vice President of Flight Operations.

He added that Emirates’ contribution of turbulence data will further enhance industry knowledge for managing air turbulence.

IATA’s Turbulence Aware is a global platform that collects anonymized turbulence reports from participating airlines. This data is then used to generate real-time forecasts that help pilots avoid turbulence, optimize flight paths, and reduce fuel consumption.

“Mitigating the adverse effects of turbulence is an industry wide challenge and obtaining accurate and live data is key in this endeavour,” said Frederic Leger, IATA’s Senior Vice President of Commercial Products and Services.

Emirates has equipped over 140 of its aircraft with software to share turbulence data with the platform. New additions to their fleet, including Airbus A350 and Boeing 777 models, will also be integrated into the program.

This collaboration between Emirates, IATA, and Lufthansa Systems is a significant step towards safer and more comfortable air travel experiences for passengers worldwide.

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