PAL becomes first Asian carrier to adopt SkyBreathe® OnBoard eco-flying solution

In a move to enhance its environmental sustainability efforts, Philippine Airlines (PAL) has announced a partnership with OpenAirlines to integrate the SkyBreathe® OnBoard solution into its operations. This makes PAL the first Asian airline to adopt the innovative fuel management technology.

SkyBreathe® OnBoard is a digital cockpit tool that provides live assistance on fuel-saving initiatives to pilots during flights. It uses algorithms based on a vast fuel-efficiency database and real-time data to recommend actions like identifying shortcut opportunities for optimized flight paths.

“Since we started working with OpenAirlines in 2022 with SkyBreathe® Analytics, we have achieved significant fuel savings,” said Capt. Stanley K. Ng, PAL President & Chief Operating Officer. “We are convinced that bringing SkyBreathe® OnBoard will further improve PAL’s operational performance.”

According to OpenAirlines, a provider of fuel management software used by 66 airlines globally, the integrated solution is forecasted to yield around 1% fuel savings per PAL flight through timely recommendations to pilots.

“SkyBreathe® OnBoard results from years of R&D and collaboration with pilots to build an app that can push relevant notifications on fuel-saving opportunities without additional workload,” said Alexandre Feray, CEO of OpenAirlines. “We trust Philippine Airlines’ capacity to elevate fuel efficiency efforts and achieve remarkable savings.”

The adoption of SkyBreathe® OnBoard aligns with PAL’s commitment to environmental responsibility and operational efficiency as the aviation industry increasingly focuses on sustainability initiatives.

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