CAAP speeds up P190M Iloilo airport upgrade

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) announced an accelerated timeline for the rehabilitation of Iloilo International Airport, with a P190 million budget earmarked for the project.

Originally slated to begin in November, the civil works for the project will now commence in September.

“CAAP has prepared early plans for the Iloilo airport so that once the Department of Transportation signs the Memorandum of Agreement for the P190 million allocated budget and CAAP receives the Certificate of availability of funds, which is required to initiate the process for the program of work and procurement, the project can begin promptly,” the CAAP stated in a press release.

The bulk of the budget, P140.50 million, will be allocated to enhancing the Passenger Terminal Building. This includes the addition of two new escalators and the replacement of two existing ones.

Upgrades to the Flight Information Display Systems, Private Automatic Branch eXchange System, Fire Detection and Alarm systems, gang chairs, and one elevator are also planned.

Detailed engineering design and project planning for the Passenger Terminal Building are set to commence on June 15th, with procurement following in July.

Further improving the airport’s infrastructure, P49.8 million has been allocated for the replacement of outdated chillers. Three new chillers, purchased using the 2023 Corporate Operating Budget, are expected to arrive in June and will be installed in July.

“These chillers will be installed starting July, replacing three outdated units that have exceeded their service life and are no longer capable of providing the necessary cooling service at the airport,” the CAAP explained.

Procurement for one replacement chiller and two additional units will begin in June 2024, using the allocated P49.8 million budget. These additional units will act as alternates, extending the lifespan of the airport’s cooling system.

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