PAL introduces in-flight halo-halo for North American flights

Philippine Airlines (PAL) is taking its in-flight dining to new heights by introducing halo-halo, a beloved Filipino dessert, for Business Class passengers traveling to the US and Canada. This unique offering makes PAL the first airline to serve halo-halo onboard, adding a taste of home to long-distance journeys.

With PAL’s halo-halo, certain ingredients are already prepared inside the glass, and the sweet treat is finished off in the skies. Handout photo from Philippine Airlines.

The halo-halo experience began as a limited run on Manila-San Francisco flights in September 2023. Following positive feedback, it became a permanent fixture for North American Business Class passengers in December, offering a sweet and refreshing end to their meals.

PAL's take on the classic dessert includes some special adaptations for the inflight environment. While some ingredients like banana, langka, gulaman, beans, and coconut are pre-assembled in the glass, others like ube halaya, leche flan, ice cream, pinipig, and shaved milk are added by cabin crew upon request. This ensures all elements retain their freshness and texture, allowing passengers to create their perfect mix according to their preferences.

Beyond the delectable treat, PAL sees the halo-halo as a way to showcase Filipino culture and cuisine globally.

The flag carrier stated in a press release:

With its halo-halo offering, PAL reiterates its commitment to strengthening Filipino representation by bringing Filipino cuisine and its unique flavors around the world.

Currently, PAL offers nonstop flights from Manila to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York in the US, as well as Toronto and Vancouver in Canada. Business Class passengers on these routes can now indulge in a taste of the Philippines at 30,000 feet, making their transpacific journeys even more memorable.