Airbus logs 30 deliveries, 31 gross orders in January 2024

According to the company's latest order and delivery summary, Airbus delivered 30 commercial aircraft to 18 customers in January 2024. This brings the total deliveries for the year to date to 30 aircraft.

First flight of the Airbus A330neo from Toulouse, France in 2017. Photo by Alex Cheban via Wikimedia Commons.

Order activity remained steady, with 31 gross orders received in January. While Airbus did not disclose details on the specific models and customers involved, these orders will contribute to the company's future production backlog.

Single-aisle jets, the workhorse of the Airbus fleet, continue to dominate sales, with 19,374 orders placed to date and 11,605 delivered. The A320 family, encompassing the A318, A319, A320, and A321 models, remains famous for its fuel efficiency and short-to-medium haul capabilities.

Widebody aircraft orders continue to be slower, with the A330 family (A330ceo and A330neo) holding 1,771 orders and 1,593 deliveries and the A350 XWB family attracting 1,237 orders and 585 deliveries. 

Meanwhile, the iconic A380 superjumbo program remains stable with 251 orders and complete delivery since production halted in 2021. The world's largest passenger airliner currently has 233 of the type in operation around the globe.

Airbus has received 23,826 orders, made 15,227 deliveries, and has 13,659 aircraft currently in operation. This strong performance in the first month of 2024 indicates a positive outlook for the year ahead.

Looking ahead

While the January numbers represent a relatively small sample size, they suggest a continued positive trend for Airbus in terms of deliveries and orders.

The single-aisle segment remains strong, and the A350 continues to gain traction in the wide-body market.

However, the overall health of the aviation industry and future economic conditions will likely play a role in Airbus' performance in the coming months.