Cirium report: PAL among Asia-Pacific’s best for on-time performance, ranks 8th in 2023

National flag carrier Philippine Airlines (PAL) achieved an impressive 8th place ranking in the Asia-Pacific region for on-time performance (OTP) in 2023, according to the recently released Cirium OTP review.

A Philippine Airlines Airbus A321 at Perth Airport prior to departure. Photo by Bahnfrend, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Cirium tracked over 106,720 PAL flights in 2023, with 77.46% departing within 15 minutes of their scheduled time. This translates to nearly 8 out of 10 flights taking off and landing on time, a testament to PAL's dedication to passenger convenience and efficient scheduling.

Notably, the airline achieved a high completion rate of 97.20%, which is the percentage of tracked flights that were completed.

Asia-Pacific landscape

In Asia-Pacific, Japanese carrier All Nippon Airways ranked first with an OTP of 82.75 percent for 302,279 flights recorded in 2023.

An All Nippon Airways Boeing 767-300ER being serviced at the gate of Kansai International Airport. Photo by Ken H / @chippyho, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The top 10 list for Asia-Pacific is as follows:

  • All Nippon Airways (NH) — 82.75%
  • Japan Airlines (JL) — 82.58%
  • Thai AirAsia (FD) — 82.52%
  • IndiGo (6E) — 82.12%
  • Air New Zealand (NZ) — 79.68%
  • Garuda Indonesia (GA) — 78.67%
  • Singapore Airlines (SQ) — 78.57%
  • Philippine Airlines (PR) — 77.46%
  • Vietnam Airlines (VN) — 77.46%
  • Cathay Pacific (CX) — 76.32%

Avianca tops the list

Globally, Colombian flag carrier Avianca bagged the award for the best on-time performance against all airlines. Avianca recorded an OTP of 85.73 percent for 213,039 flown flights last year. The airline operated 131 aircraft with an average utilization rate of 8.09 hours per aircraft per day.

For travelers seeking the most reliable journeys, certain airlines consistently rise above the rest. In North America, Delta Airlines reigned supreme with an on-time performance (OTP) of 84.72%. Across the Atlantic, Spanish carrier Iberia Express kept European skies running like clockwork, topping the region with an impressive OTP of 84.58%.

Meanwhile, Latin America saw Panama's Copa Airlines soar to the top with a staggering OTP of 89.46%, making them the preferred choice for on-time travel in the region. Finally, for those venturing to the Middle East and Africa, Oman Air emerged as the champion of punctuality, boasting an OTP of 92.53% and solidifying its position as the most dependable airline in the area.