Atlas Air Boeing 747-8 makes emergency landing in Miami after engine fire – An Atlas Air Boeing 747 cargo plane safely returned to Miami International Airport (MIA) on Friday, January 18th, after experiencing an engine fire shortly after takeoff. The incident, reported by The Aviation Herald, involved Atlas Air flight 5Y-95, bound for San Juan, Puerto Rico with five crew members onboard.

Actual photo of the Atlas Air Boeing 747-8F experiencing engine fire on climb out.

According to reports, the aircraft, a Boeing 747-8F registered N859GT, was climbing through approximately 2,000 feet when the crew declared a Mayday call, indicating an engine fire on the inboard left engine (number 2). Witnesses on the ground described seeing flames and sparks emanating from the engine.

Following the emergency declaration, the crew quickly halted the climb at 3,000 feet and turned back towards Miami. They performed a safe landing on the same runway they had departed from just 15 minutes earlier. Emergency services inspected the aircraft on the taxiway before it taxied to the apron.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) confirmed the incident, reporting that the aircraft experienced an engine failure and returned to land safely. A subsequent post-flight inspection revealed a "softball-sized hole" above the affected engine.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has opened an investigation into the incident. Boeing and General Electric, the manufacturer of the engine, have stated their commitment to assisting the NTSB in their investigation.

No injuries were reported among the crew or on the ground during the incident. The cause of the fire and the extent of the damage to the aircraft are still under investigation.