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Vietnam Airlines to launch flights to Manila

AviationUpdatesPH.com – After more than two decades, Vietnam Airlines will return to Manila with two connections from the Philippine capital city to Vietnam. 

Image: Vietnam Airlines A321 taking off (Image Credit: Vietnam Airlines/Airbus)

Reported by Aeroroutes, Vietnam Airlines will launch services from both Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Manila this December.

The first of the two routes to be launched – Ho Chi Minh City to Manila – will start on December 1 with a four-times weekly schedule. Services from Hanoi to Manila will then start the following day (December 2) with a three-times weekly schedule.

Vietnam Airlines will use its Airbus A321 aircraft on both routes.

The Vietnam-based SkyTeam airline last operated flights between Ho Chi Minh City and Manila until November 2001.

Vietnam Airlines will be the lone Vietnam-based carrier to operate flights to the Philippine capital. The market is currently served by Philippine-based Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific with flights to both Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.Cebu Pacific will launch flights to Da Nang on December 7.

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