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Air France-KLM, Airbus in talks for joint venture on A350 component support

AviationUpdatesPH.com – Air France-KLM and Airbus have entered exclusive negotiations to form a joint venture focused on the maintenance and support of Airbus A350 components on a global scale.

Handout photo from Airbus

This collaboration aims to combine the strengths of both Air France Industries KLM Engineering & Maintenance and Airbus. The goal is to offer an enhanced commercial service for the Airbus A350, of which over 1,000 units have been ordered and 550 are currently in operation worldwide.

Under the proposed 50-50 partnership, assets related to aircraft components from both companies would be integrated into the joint venture. This aims to bolster the global presence, augment capacity, and introduce innovative solutions that cater to the maintenance needs of the Airbus A350 fleet.

Pending compliance and relevant authority approvals, the joint venture is set to launch in the first half of 2024.

Anne Brachet, Executive Vice President of Air France-KLM Engineering & Maintenance, stated, "This project aims to bring customers the best expertise of our two companies on a product as high-tech as the A350. We will be able to better respond to the market needs, ensuring long-term customer satisfaction with high-quality, timely, and cost-effective support solutions."

Echoing the sentiment, Cristina Aguilar, Senior Vice President Customer Services at Airbus, said, “As the world’s A350 fleet expands, so does the necessary support. Air France-KLM Engineering & Maintenance and Airbus share a deep history. By merging our A350 component skills and capabilities, we can offer even better service."

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