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WATCH: Halla Airlines plane veers off runway in Mogadishu

Minor injuries reported as investigation into the accident begins

Aviation Updates Philippines – A Halla Airlines Embraer EMB-120 aircraft, registration 6O-AAD, encountered an incident upon landing at Aden Adde International Airport in Mogadishu yesterday. The incident occurred at approximately 12:23 local time when the plane veered off the runway, resulting in substantial damage to the aircraft and minor injuries to some of the occupants.

Photo from Caasimada Online

According to the Somali Civil Aviation Authority, the aircraft was carrying 30 passengers and 4 crew members. Miraculously, all occupants survived the crash landing, although a few individuals sustained minor injuries. The injured were quickly rescued and provided medical assistance.

Eyewitnesses shared shocking images and videos on social media, showing the Halla Airlines plane with its left main landing gear missing and the cockpit partially separated from the fuselage. The aircraft rotated 180 degrees as it veered off the runway, colliding with the airport fence. It eventually came to rest on its fuselage underside, with visible damage to its wings and engines.

Authorities have launched an investigation to determine the cause of the accident. The crew had not reported any anomalies prior to landing, raising questions about the sudden collapse of the left main landing gear. Meteorological conditions at the time indicated good visibility but with a tailwind component generated by 17-knot winds from the south-southwest.

The Minister of Transportation confirmed that all necessary measures are being taken to investigate the incident thoroughly. The focus of the investigation will include examining the aircraft's maintenance records, flight data, and conducting interviews with the crew members.

Halla Airlines has not provided any official statement regarding the accident.

Aden Adde International Airport remained operational following the crash, with flights operating on schedule. Airport authorities, along with the civil aviation authority, are working to ensure the safety and security of the airport and its passengers.

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