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Hong Kong Airlines adds more Airbus A330s to fleet, boosts staff recruitment

Aviation Updates Philippines – To support its business operation needs, Hong Kong Airlines will be adding three Airbus A330-300 widebody aircraft to its fleet this summer and boost its recruitment efforts locally and internationally. 

Image: Front of a Hong Kong Airlines Airbus A330 parked at Hong Kong International Airport (Credit: Hong Kong Airlines)

According to the Hong Kong-based airline, the first of the three A330s was received and put to service on its first flight to Bangkok on June 21. Following the first A330, two more are expected to be added to Hong Kong Airlines' fleet this summer.

The three new A330s will join 16 of the widebody aircraft already on Hong Kong Airlines' fleet. Each of the aircraft have 292 seats in a dual-class configuration – 32 Business and 260 Economy – and are refurbished with the airline's classic seat covers.

“With a total of three additional A330 widebody aircraft joining the fleet, the company is confident in its ability to meet passengers’ needs and drive business recovery,” the airline said in a statement.

Following the recent launch of a new service to Phuket on June 21, Hong Kong Airlines will resume services to Sanya on July 1 before inaugurating a brand-new service to Nagoya on July 8. With more A330s, the airline will upgrade flight operations to destinations such as Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Nagoya, Bangkok, Taipei, and Shanghai with widebody aircraft, and increase flight frequencies in July and August.

Boosted Recruitment for New Staff

As Hong Kong Airlines reports it achieved its recruitment plans for the first half of the year, the airline will continue to recruit more new staff to support its growing business and fleet.

"In terms of talent recruitment, despite the fierce competition in the local and overseas talent markets, we have successfully achieved our recruitment goals for the first half of the year. The company will continue to actively recruit to support our rapidly growing business and expanding fleet, and allocate resources for effective training to increase competitiveness,” said Hou Wei, Chairman, Hong Kong Airlines.

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