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AirAsia Philippines implements "Winning Move" with move to NAIA Terminal 2

Aviation Updates Philippines – The Philippine unit of the World's Best Low-Cost Airline, AirAsia Philippines, is set to relocate all of its domestic flights to the larger and better NAIA Terminal 2, effective from July 1, 2023.

Photo from AirAsia Philippines

The move, known as the "Winning Move," marks the final phase of AirAsia Philippines' rebranding efforts and designates NAIA Terminal 2, also known as the "Centennial Terminal," as its new hub for domestic operations, while maintaining NAIA Terminal 3 for international flights.

CEO Ricky Isla of AirAsia Philippines expressed his optimism about the transfer, stating, “Our transfer to NAIA 2 is a winning move for our guests. They can now enjoy a bigger space and expect better airport service. We may be moving to a new terminal building but they can only expect the same world’s best service from AirAsia. Now that we are on the growth stage, we look forward to expanding further our domestic routes and capacity through this new terminal building."

The relocation to NAIA Terminal 2 aligns with the Manila International Airport Authority's (MIAA) Schedule and Terminal Assignment Rationalization (STAR) initiative, which aims to alleviate congestion at NAIA Terminal 4.

“Change is good and we are embracing it. Weeks before our scheduled transfer we’ve already sent preflight notifications to our guests via SMS, registered email and have announced the movement extensively through our social media platforms. Also, we are working closely with MIAA management to make sure that we close the gaps of confusion among guests during the first few weeks of operation," Isla added.

In preparation for the move, AirAsia Philippines has proactively communicated with its guests through SMS notifications, registered email updates, and extensive announcements on social media platforms. CEO Isla emphasized the airline's collaboration with MIAA management to minimize confusion among guests during the initial weeks of operation.

Bryan Co, the Officer-in-Charge of MIAA, noted that the transfer of AirAsia's domestic flights to Terminal 2 is expected to benefit passengers and contribute to the growth of local tourism. Co stated, "Those flying with the airline can expect more spacious accommodations, a higher safety rating, and greater overall ease of access at T2, in line with our continued efforts to elevate guests’ overall experience at NAIA."

Upon commencement of operations, AirAsia Philippines will utilize NAIA Terminal 2's 20 check-in counters and four online check-in kiosks located in the South Wing of the terminal. This significant increase in check-in capacity compared to NAIA Terminal 4 is expected to expedite foot traffic.

The departure gates at NAIA Terminal 2 can accommodate over 13,000 passengers, a substantial improvement over the capacity of NAIA Terminal 4, which stands at 969.

In terms of passenger convenience, NAIA Terminal 2's ground floor provides easy access to various transportation options, including transfer buses, car rentals, TNVS (Transport Network Vehicle Service), and taxis.

Despite the changes in terminal assignment, AirAsia Philippines advises its guests to arrive at NAIA Terminal 2 at least three hours before their scheduled departure to facilitate smooth check-in procedures.

AirAsia Philippines encourages its guests to regularly visit the airasia fly safe page, airasia newsroom, and the AirAsia Super App social media platforms on Facebook and Twitter for the latest flight schedules and other travel advisories.

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