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PAL Holdings Inc. appoints Lucio Tan III as president, posts positive operating income in 2022

Aviation Updates Philippines – PAL Holdings Inc. (PHI) today appointed Lucio Tan III as its President, taking over the post from his grandfather Dr. Lucio C. Tan, who retained his role as PHI Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

PHI President Lucio Tan III (left) and PHI Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Lucio C. Tan (right). Handout photo from PAL.

“As the newly designated President of PAL Holdings, I am committed to providing stability and upholding the highest level of integrity within the company. I look forward to working closely with the PAL team, under the leadership of its President and COO, Capt. Stanley Ng, to ensure a collaborative and cohesive approach in serving the best interests of our customers. We also aim to safeguard our shareholders’ investments by fostering a culture of transparency, accountability, and long-term value creation," said the President. 

PHI registered a total consolidated operating income of PHP17B in 2022, a turnaround from an operating loss of PHP4B in 2021.  

In a virtual Annual Stockholders Meeting held today, PHI attributed the turnaround to the implementation of Philippine Airlines’ (PAL) financial restructuring plan and the increased demand for air travel with the reopening of travel borders.  

“I am grateful to our shareholders, our customers, the flying public, for their trust and support. We face major challenges just the same. We need to rebuild our product and our fleet. Philippine Airlines needs to be a stronger competitor and a leader in service and innovation," said Chairman Tan.  

PHI’s consolidated revenues improved by 137% to PHP139B in 2022 from PHP59B in 2021. The number of passengers increased by 214% to 9.31M in 2022 from 2.97M in 2021.  

PAL has inaugurated the Manila-Perth nonstop service and has reopened routes between the Philippines and points in mainland China. On top of an extensive domestic network anchored on its gateway hubs in Manila, Cebu, and Davao, PAL is the only airline operating nonstop flights linking the Philippines to the United States and Canada, along with the largest network of flights from Manila to multiple cities in the Middle East, Japan, and Australia.  

PHI is the parent firm of PAL and another subsidiary Air Philippines Corporation. It is also a member of the Lucio Tan Group of Companies.  

For more information on PHI, visit www.phi.com.ph.

Press release from Philippine Airlines

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