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GrabFood, Manila International Airport Authority seal partnership

Aviation Updates Philippines – GrabFood and the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA) forge a corporate partnership, giving MIAA strategic and efficient access to the wide selection of food merchants on the leading on-demand deliveries platform. With GrabFood being a reliable delivery partner, MIAA enhances its response time in catering to the immediate food and refreshment needs of passengers who are affected by flight disruptions.

GrabFood Philippines and MIAA have officially sealed their corporate partnership in a memorandum of agreement signing ceremony held at the MIAA office on 04 April 2023. Handout photo from Grab Philippines.

The partnership also entitles MIAA to its own GrabForBusiness portal, which contains a suite of tools that allow administrators to manage and streamline employee access, payment methods, policies and reports vis-a-vis the agency’s delivery requirements. This enables MIAA to tailor the policies and processes on the platform and align these with its own protocols.

Business transactions on the GrabForBusiness portal are also recorded and reported in full detail in real-time, ergo improving the transparency and accountability system of the partner. 

Grab Philippines Senior Director for Deliveries Anton Bautista shares:

“Our partnership with MIAA is a prime example of how digitalization can help organizations advance their services, empowering them to embrace the efficiency and convenience offered by digital tools and platforms. We are glad to work with MIAA as they double down on the enhancement of our country’s airport services, benefitting every Filipino and foreign traveler.”

MIAA General Manager Cesar M. Chiong shares:

“Our commitment is to provide every passenger with a convenient airport experience as they enter and exit our country. And as we make sure that we offer excellent service, we are glad to forge strategic partnerships with key players from various industries. Our partnership with Grab Philippines is a testament to our determination to serve our stakeholders better; and we are honored to be working with the leading deliveries platform in this mission.”

Press release from Grab Philippines

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