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Etihad launches new in-flight Wi-Fi packages

Aviation Updates Philippines – Etihad has launched new "Wi-Fly" (Wi-Fi) packages to allow passengers to chat and surf while in-flight. 

Image: Passenger using his mobile device while in-flight (Credit: Etihad)  

The Abu Dhabi-based airline announced the airline will offer complementary “Chat” messaging throughout the flight for travelers who sign in with Etihad Guest membership or enrolling prior to departure. The free chat feature includes access to popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, and WeChat.

Passengers who wish to access the internet will be able to purchase “Surf” plans available at a flat fee with unlimited data for the duration of the flight.

According to Etihad, for flights under 7 hours, the Chat package is USD $2.99 or free for Etihad Guest members, and the Surf package is USD $9.99. For flights over 7 hours, the Chat package is USD $4.99 or also free for Etihad Guest members, and the Surf package is USD $19.99.

Etihad Guest Platinum and Exclusive tier members as well as those traveling in Etihad's First Class cabins will benefit from complementary Surf access throughout their flight. Etihad Guest Gold members will receive a 25% discount for the Surf package.

“We know how important it is for our guests to stay connected, which is why we’re thrilled to introduce an added complimentary benefit for Etihad Guest members and welcome everyone to sign up before they fly to take advantage of this benefit immediately. Wi-Fly plans will offer unlimited data and will last the duration of the flight, which means our guests can easily catch up on social media, work or browse as they wish,” said Antonoaldo Neves, CEO, Etihad Airways.

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