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Changi Airport relaunches Free Singapore Tour for transit/transfer travellers

Aviation Updates Philippines – Travelers connecting at Singapore's Changi Airport will once again be able to enjoy free tours of the city and island. 

Image: Merlion Park, Singapore (Credit: Changi Airport Group)

In a release, the Changi Airport Group (CAG) – in collaboration with Singapore Airlines, and the the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) - announced the re-launch of the Free Singapore Tour after a three year pause due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The relaunch will include the three tours offered prior to the pandemic – the City Sights Tour, HeritageTour, and Jewel Tour – which have been refreshed to include new points of interest. A new Changi Precinct tour has been added which will take travelers to sights on the eastern region surrounding the Changi Airport.

The tours are available for transit and travelers with a valid visa entry for Singapore, and have a layover period between 5.5 to 24 hours between flights.

“The Free Singapore Tour was very popular among our transit and transfer passengers prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, and we are happy to bring it back with the resumption of travel,” said Lim Ching Kiat, Executive Vice President of Air Hub & Cargo Development, CAG. “For travelers who choose to transit or transfer at Changi Airport, the Free Singapore Tour is designed to give them a glimpse of what Singapore has to offer, including the unique attractions and offerings at Jewel Changi Airport and the neighbouring Changi Precinct which has a rich cultural and historical heritage. Together with our partners, SIA and STB, we hope to welcome more passengers who fly through Changi Airport to enjoy a slice of Singapore through our new tours and world-class attractions and facilities.”

“We welcome the timely relaunch of the enhanced Free Singapore Tour, which offers a unique transit experience for our customers. We are pleased to continue working closely with CAG and STB to promote the sustainable growth of travel to and through Singapore,” said Lee Lik Hsin, Executive Vice President Commercial, Singapore Airlines.

Chang Chee Pey, Assistant Chief Executive, Marketing Group, STB said: "We are delighted to bring back the Free Singapore Tour through our long-standing partnership with CAG and SIA. It is imperative for us to refresh our tourism offerings to meet the demand for wellness and eco-conscious travel, and cater to travelers seeking deeper experiences. We hope that the tour will inspire transit and transfer passengers to plan a longer trip to Singapore in future, and discover much more of what our vibrant city has to offer.”

Prior to the pandemic, transit and transfer passengers accounted for around 30% of passenger traffic at Changi Airport. Aimed to enhance the airport's attractiveness as a transfer hub and to entice travelers to transit through Singapore, around 80,000 passengers went on the tours in 2019.

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