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Kuwait Airways completes record breaking flight using an Airbus A330-800neo

Aviation Updates Philippines – Kuwait Airways has set a record for the longest flight flown using an Airbus A330-800neo with its inaugural flight to New York City. 

Image: Kuwait Airways A330-800neo (Credit: Kuwait Airways)

In a release, Kuwait Airways completed the record breaking flight to New York-JFK Airport from its hub at Kuwait City on March 16 using the A330-800neo with a flight time of 13 hours.

"This flight marks a new era in our strategy to right-fit the best of customer experiences while balancing cost efficiencies and sustainability in our operational decisions. The utilization of this aircraft's long-range capability will also bring double-digit savings, which coincidentally means less harm to the environment, matching closely to our ESG goals. We are proud to take the next step forward in reaching the corporate strategy goals in reducing costs and enhancing marginal performance,” said Ali Al-Dukhan, Chairman, Kuwait Airways.

"We are proud that Kuwait Airways has chosen to deploy the A330-800 on John F Kennedy Airport, a key route for the airline. We are confident that the aircraft will provide passengers with exceptional flying experience while providing the airline with unbeatable economics, efficiency, and environmental performance,” added Mikail Houari, President, Airbus – Africa/Middle East.

New York City is Kuwait Airways' lone destination in the United States and North America. The airline previously used Boeing 777-300ER aircraft on the route.

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