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AirAsia Philippines to resume flights to Mainland China

Aviation Updates Philippines – After being suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic, AirAsia Philippines will be resuming flights to key economic hubs in China during the next few months. 

Image: AirAsia A320 (Image Credit: Capital A/AirAsia)

Between February and March, the Philippine-based AirAsia subsidiary will resume operate weekly flights to Guangzhou and Shenzhen, along with the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR).

From February 15, AirAsia Philippines will start thrice-weekly flights (Monday/Wednesday/Saturday) to Guangzhou.

On March 2, the airline will then launch thrice-weekly flights to Macao (Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday) and four-times weekly flights to Shenzhen (Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/Sunday).

“The final piece of the puzzle that will complete the recovery process of the aviation industry is here. Now that China is opening its borders to the world, a new era of tourism, trade and commerce is set to emerge,” said Ricky Isla, CEO, AirAsia Philippines.

Prior to the pandemic, AirAsia Philippines served over 750,000 passengers on its flights to/from China.

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