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Cessna plane missing after take-off from Cauayan

Aviation Updates Philippines – A Cessna U206 aircraft went missing after departing from Cauayan Airport in Isabela at 2:15 PM on January 24, 2023.

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According to an initial report from the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management (NDRRMC) issued on Tuesday evening, the aircraft with registry RP-C1174 took off with five passengers and one pilot bound for Maconacon, Isabela.

"It did not reach the destination and no communication/information received yet on the said plane," the NDRRMC report said.

The last communication between Air Traffic Control and the light aircraft was at 2:16 PM over Naguilian, Isabela.

As per INQUIRER.net, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) has declared the missing plane's situation in a "Distress Phase," which indicates that there is a significant and immediate threat to the safety of the aircraft and the people aboard.

After the plane failed to arrive at its destination, CAAP's Operations Center (OpCen) received an "Uncertainty Phase" alert from the Cauayan Tower at 3:17 PM on Tuesday. CAAP then forwarded the information to the Philippine Aeronautical Rescue Coordinating Center at 3:18 PM.

CAAP also raised the "Alert Phase" for the plane before escalating it to the Distress Phase.

Authorities have alerted all response assets for the search and rescue operation, including aerial search and pararescue personnel.

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