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AirAsia Philippines adds Tokyo to new routes for 2023

Aviation Updates Philippines – AirAsia Philippines adds Tokyo as its 10th active international destination for 2023. The world’s best low-cost airline is set to fly to the Japanese capital from Manila starting 01 February 2023 via the Narita International Airport.

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The airline now accepts forward bookings for Manila-Tokyo (Narita) travels through its website and the airasia Super App. Tokyo is the second Japanese destination of the airline as it commences its tri-weekly Manila-Osaka route on December 06, 2022. 

Guests are encouraged to avail of the introductory promo for AirAsia’s Tokyo route from 28 November to 04 December 2022. The #FlyAirAsia to Japan promo brings down the price of bookings for Tokyo and Osaka to as low as Php 4,888 for travels happening from 01 February 2023 to 31 March 2023. 

AirAsia Philippines Chief Executive Officer Ricky Isla shares: “Our goal is to empower more Filipinos to travel and immerse in the diverse cultures of our country’s regions and our Asean neighbors. We are confident that Osaka and Tokyo have a high potential of being among our top-preferred international destinations. By adding our Manila-Tokyo route, we are well positioned to achieve full recovery for international operations early next year.”

AirAsia Philippines currently has 10 active international city destinations: Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Bangkok, Singapore, Taipei, Osaka, Tokyo, Incheon, Hong Kong and Bali. 

Press release from AirAsia

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