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STARLUX takes delivery of first A350

Aviation Updates Philippines – STARLUX has taken delivery of its first A350, becoming the latest operator of the world’s newest widebody. The aircraft is the first of 18 A350-900s set to join the carrier and will fly alongside the A330neo and A321neo at the airline in an all-Airbus fleet. 

Handout photo from Airbus

STARLUX has specified a luxurious four-class layout for its A350s, featuring four suites in First Class, 26 seats in Business Class, 36 in Premium Economy and 240 in Economy. The Airspace cabin onboard the A350 features the latest developments in cabin configuration resulting in extra space to offer more comfort and personal room in every class. The A350’s cabin is also the quietest of any aircraft flying today. 

In addition, the aircraft features the latest in-flight entertainment systems and full connectivity.  STARLUX will benefit from the highest levels of operational efficiency offered by the A350, with a reduction of fuel consumption and carbon emissions of 25% compared with older generation aircraft in the same size category.

"This delivery is a milestone for STARLUX Airlines. The A350-900 is our first large widebody aircraft, which will allow STARLUX to open markets for longer routes, and this also marks the next step for our partnership with Airbus, as there will be 17 more A350s deliveries in the future. With the addition of the A350-900, the STARLUX fleet now can cover short, mid, and long range flights, providing service to passengers outside of Asia,” said Glenn Chai, CEO of STARLUX Airlines.

Christian Scherer, Airbus Chief Commercial Officer and Head of Airbus International added: “With an all-new generation, all-Airbus fleet, STARLUX is introducing new levels of comfort and efficiency to the long-haul premium market. Passengers will enjoy a seamless travel experience featured by Airbus' appealing Airspace cabin design. Flying together, the A350, A330neo and A321neo perfectly play out all the advantages of Airbus' unique fleet commonality, driving operational cost down while providing all flexibility to match capacity with demand."

STARLUX’s A350 fleet will begin operations within the Asia-Pacific region before moving to trans-pacific routes.

Globally the A350 has registered a total of over 900 firm orders from over 50 customers, with close to 500 delivered.

Press release from Airbus

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