Skymark Airlines to launch second Pokémon-themed jet

Aviation Updates Philippines – Japanese low-cost carrier Skymark Airlines is set to unveil its second Pokémon-themed aircraft, nearly a year after the introduction of its first Pokémon jet — dubbed "Pikachu Jet BC" — in June of 2021.

Photo by Pokémon Air Adventures
The second Pokémon jet, a ten-year-old Boeing 737-800 (registration JA73NG) featuring Pokémon characters Pikachu, Wailord, Magikarp, and Shaymin Sky Forme, will be named "Pikachu Jet BC2" and will take to the skies beginning May 30th on two domestic flights:

  • SKY519: Departing Tokyo-Haneda at 15:35, arriving in Naha at 18:20
  • SKY508: Departing Naha at 19:15, arriving in Fukuoka at 21:00

Similar to Pikachu Jet BC, passengers on flights operated by Pikachu Jet BC2 can expect Pokémon-themed onboard features and inflight services, such as Pokémon flight attendant aprons, headrest covers, airsickness bags, paper cups, baggage tags, and boarding passes, while inflight announcements will feature familiar music from the Pokémon franchise. Passengers departing from Naha Airport, meanwhile, can check in to their flight on one of several Pokémon-themed check-in counters.

Once Pikachu Jet BC2 enters service later this month, there will be a total of four Pokémon-themed jets in active service in Japan. Regional carrier Air Do operates a Vulpix-themed Boeing 767-300ER, while Solaseed Air operates an Exeggutor-themed Boeing 737-800.