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Air India seeking to fully acquire AirAsia India

Aviation Updates Philippines – Air India is seeking to fully acquire AirAsia's India-based subsidiary. 

Image: AirAsia India A320 (Credit: Airbus)

According to reports from outlets such as the Times of India and the Economic Times, Air India has submitted an application with the Competition Commission of India (CCI) to fully acquire AirAsia India.

The airline stated its proposed combination with the budget airline – first started in 2014 – would not lead to any change in the competitive landscape or cause any appreciable adverse effect on competition in India, irrespective of the manner in which the relevant markets are defined.

Air India's parent company Tata Sons has a 83.67% majority stake in AirAsia India as part of a joint venture with Malaysia's AirAsia Group. Air India will take on all stakes in budget carrier.

If approved, the transaction would see the AirAsia Group exiting the airline venture as Tata Sons seeks to move its five aviation companies – comprised of Air India, Air India Express, Vistara, AirAsia India, and Air India SATS Airport Services – under a single headquarters in Guragaon just outside of Delhi.

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