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AirAsia Philippines offers cabin baggage upsize option amid rise in travel demand

Aviation Updates Philippines – AirAsia Philippines, in a bid to make the travel experience of its guests more convenient, is now allowing passengers to bring two hand-carry pieces of baggage totaling 14 kgs for a minimal upgrade price of Php 390 for domestic passengers. The Xtra Carry On baggage product of the airline comes as the demand for travel – both leisure and business – has seen a sharp rise at an accelerated rate.

Handout photo from AirAsia

This new cabin-baggage upsize option is uniquely offered by AirAsia Philippines. All AirAsia bookings still come with a free seven-kilogram allowance for singular hand-carry baggage while it offers the most affordable allowance for check-in luggage among all local carriers for as low as Php 800 per 40-kilogram baggage. 

A survey commissioned by AirAsia in end-2021 has shown that baggage allowance ranks a top priority for Filipinos traveling this year as voted for by half of the total respondents.  The next usual add-on purchase is in-flight meals or snacks at 32 percent. Other products usually availed by Filipino travelers include travel insurance (27%) and seat assignments (21%). 

AirAsia Spokesperson and Head of Communications and Public Affairs Steve Dailisan shares: “This is our simple response to Filipinos now ready to fly again and go to their favorite destinations. We at AirAsia always try to design new products that make the guest experience more comfortable as they engage in the new normal of travel.”

AirAsia Philippines has booked a total of 559,298 domestic seats for Q2 2022 as of April 22, a staggering 251 percent growth compared to the same period last year. The airline attributes this rise in bookings to the pent-up demand for travel as more local destinations relax borders, ahead of the Summer season and the upcoming elections. Concurrently, the world’s best low-cost airline is recording a satisfactory booking rate for its international flights to neighboring ASEAN countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore for May and June this year.

AirAsia Philippines is committed to support its international guests in meeting border requirements and personal safety protocols with the availability of instant RT-PCR results through its Super Express testing product with the Philippine Airport Diagnostic Laboratory, which is available until April 30. For just Php 2,400, airasia guests can claim their RT-PCR test results in just eight hours, fourfold faster than the regular result lead time.  

Domestic and international airasia guests are highly encouraged to check the travel requirements of their destination of choice. Statements and news stories on recent updates may be viewed in the airasia Newsroom. Moreover, the airasia Super App curates information through its Simply Fly Campaign with the use of #airasiaSimplyFly on Facebook and Instagram.

Press release from AirAsia

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