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Singapore Airlines to launch flights to Cebu, Davao

Aviation Updates Philippines – Flag carrier Singapore Airlines will introduce flights to Cebu and Davao under the Vaccinated Travel Lane (VTL) program this summer, the airline confirmed to AUP on Tuesday.

Photo from Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines will operate the Singapore-Davao-Cebu triangular route beginning April 1, 2022, to be flown aboard the Boeing 737-800 aircraft. The airline will fly this route once daily.

Operating as SQ-906, the first leg of the route will depart from Singapore at 12:35 PM (UTC+8) and will arrive in Davao at 4:10 PM (UTC+8). 

After a 50-minute turnaround time, the flight will depart from Davao at 5:00 PM (UTC+8) and arrive in Cebu at 6:00 PM (UTC+8). 

The last leg of the flight will depart from Cebu at 6:50 PM (UTC+8) and will arrive back in Singapore at 10:35 PM (UTC+8).

Since flights to Cebu and Davao will be under VTL, passengers can skip the seven-day quarantine when entering Singapore if they meet the VTL requirements.

SilkAir, a regional subsidiary of Singapore Airlines, previously flew the same triangular route pre-pandemic. However, international restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic halted the flights temporarily.

With SilkAir already merged with Singapore Airlines, the mainline will takeover the Singapore-Davao-Cebu route moving forward. Moreover, low-cost subsidiary Scoot will continue to serve flights to Cebu and Davao to complement the mainline service.

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