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AirAsia X to resume flights to Sydney

Aviation Updates Philippines – AirAsia's long-haul arm AirAsia X will resume regularly scheduled flights since its grounding following the initial outbreak of COVID-19 next month.

Image: AirAsia X A330 (Image Credit: AirAsia Group)

After a nearly two-year “downtime,” AirAsia X will commence regularly scheduled services between Kuala Lumpur and Sydney on February 14. During the initial period that will end on March 22, the Kuala-Lumpur flights will operate on a once-weekly schedule - departing Kuala Lumpur every Monday with the return flight departing Sydney on Tuesdays.

The airline stated that flight schedules for the autumn and winter seasons will be announced in mid-February.

“Following our travel downtime over the last two years, and the recent completion of our restructuring process, we are thrilled to be able to relaunch and commence our gradual return to the skies. This would not have been possible without the overwhelming support from our guests and creditors and we thank them for their patience and understanding,” said AirAsia X CEO Benyamin Ismail.

Ismail added: “Without any domestic routes AAX has been significantly affected by the pandemic. We now see light at the end of this long tunnel and we are working hard to operate again in all of our key markets, as one of the world’s leading low cost medium haul operators. Starting with flights to and from Sydney, we will progressively continue to honour outstanding bookings and Credit Accounts for our guests and creditors in other markets as soon as possible.”

“We have been very active on all cargo flights throughout the pandemic and this has been a lifeline for us. For the first time, we are adding on passengers to supplement cargo revenue in our push to be a major combination carrier in this part of the world. Whilst take up will be gradual, it can only get better in the coming months as more people return to the skies. We are ready for that pent up demand,” said AirAsia X COO Suresh Kumar Bangah.

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