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Turkish Airlines to launch flights to Cebu

Aviation Updates Philippines – Turkish Airlines plans to introduce flights between Istanbul, Turkey, and Cebu, Philippines, beginning early-January 2022.

Photo from Shan Eubesio

Based on the airline's online booking platform, flights to Cebu will begin on January 3, 2022. The flight will have a short stop-over in Manila.

Flight TK-264 departs from Istanbul at 9:15 pm (UTC +3) and arrives in Manila at 1:30 pm (UTC +8) the next day. The flight then proceeds to Cebu at 3:05 pm (UTC +8) and eventually lands at 4:25 pm (UTC +8).

The return flight, TK-265, departs from Cebu at 2:25 am (UTC + 8) and arrives in Manila at 3:45 am (UTC + 8). After a short stop, the flight leaves Manila at 5:25 am (UTC +8) and arrives in Istanbul at 1:25 pm (UTC +3).

The Istanbul-Cebu via Manila service operates every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Turkish Airlines will deploy the Airbus A350 fleet on the route.

Reservations are now open at www.turkishairlines.com.

Earlier in July, Turkish Airlines disclosed to the Istanbul Stock Exchange the launch of flights to Cebu, subject to "possibilities and market conditions."

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