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India monitoring Boeing 737 MAX in country following recent incident

Aviation Updates Philippines – India's Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is mounting surveillance on the Boeing 737 MAX that fly in the country following a recent incident involving a SpiceJet flight using the aircraft. 

Image: SpiceJet Boeing 737 MAX (Credit: Boeing)

According to reports from outlets such as the Times of India and The Hindu, the investigation and surveillance was started following a recent flight operated by SpiceJet using the Boeing 737 MAX 8 experienced an engine issue. The flight – from Mumbai to Kolkata – experienced a problem with one of its engines. After shutting down the engine, the aircraft returned safely to Mumbai.

Following the incident, the aircraft involved (SG-467) has been grounded until it gets the clearance to fly again per the DGCA. 

“The aircraft has been grounded,” Director General of DGCA Arun Kumar was quoted saying in a report by The Hindu. “We are investigating in consultation with OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers). Further action shall depend on the outcome of the investigation,” Kumar said. He explained that the air turnback was caused because the "No.2 engine oil filter bypass light got illuminated in cruise.”

The Boeing 737 MAX uses CFM LEAP-1B engines.

The recent incident and the investigation being launched comes after SpiceJet – the sole operator of the 737 MAX in India – resumed operations with the aircraft. The airline has reported six of its MAX jets have so far seen the return to service after making required modifications.

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