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AirAsia Philippines to activate Allstars (employees) under hibernation beginning December 2021

Aviation Updates Philippines – AirAsia Philippines today announces the gradual activation of around 432 Allstars including pilots, cabin crew, ground staff and engineering who were previously placed under hibernation at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Photo from AirAsia

The reintegration of these Allstars will enable AirAsia to meet the growing market demand and prepare its workforce to deliver world’s best service to its guests,  as air travel progresses with travel restrictions eased in all of its destinations, allowing enhanced mobility for fully vaccinated individuals. 

AirAsia Philippines CEO Ricky Isla said, “We are excited to welcome back our Allstars whom we’ve missed so much. More than just a source of livelihood, I know they can’t wait to paint the skies red, and write with us a beautiful and winning story of our post pandemic recovery.”

“To say that the past months have been extremely challenging is an understatement. But we are all survivors, thriving amidst all odds. What we want to assure our guests is that during the process of reintegration, there will be no shortcuts, and we will continue to uphold the highest standards of safety in all of our training and procedures.”

The gradual activation will initially cover 15% of the hibernated workforce, mostly pilots and cabin crew to undergo recurrent training starting this December, while the remaining 85% will be progressively integrated back into line during the first quarter of 2022 subject to market demand.

Meanwhile, rehiring of former Allstars who were let go during the onset of the pandemic might come earlier than expected. 

“Projections based on current vaccination rates among Asean countries are speeding up. As soon as there is steady demand for air travel, and border restrictions are lifted in the international destinations where we fly, we can start the process of rehiring as early as April. We will definitely prioritize our former Allstars, and will also provide opportunities for new hires especially now that we are strengthening the offerings of the airasia Super App in the Philippines”, added Isla.

airasia Super App has successfully launched Hotels, SNAP (Flight+Hotel bundle), Unlimited Deals, and soon more products will cater to the growing ecommerce market in the Philippines.

Press release from AirAsia

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