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Cebu Pacific reopens hiring for cabin crew

Aviation Updates Philippines – Amid the expected continuous recovery of the travel and tourism sector, low-cost carrier Cebu Pacific Air announced the reopening of hiring for cabin crew.

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Positive developments in the COVID-19 scene in the Philippines enabled the airline industry to ramp up operations as passenger demand picked up gradually. With that, Cebu Pacific expects to hire more crew as more flights are added.

"We know the year 2020 has been one of the most challenging years for everyJuan. As we continue being cautiously optimistic and prepare to paint the skies yellow again, we are pleased to reopen the hiring of additional cabin crew," said Felix Lopez, Vice President for People & Admin at Cebu Pacific.

"This in turn has brought about an uptick in travel demand and opened opportunities for us to hire additional cabin crew to support CEB's recovery and growth," Lopez said.

Cebu Pacific has "reached out and encouraged" the low-cost airline's former cabin crew to reapply in preparation for the forecasted recovery. The increasing number of vaccinated individuals and the decreasing COVID-19 cases in the country will have accelerated the recovery of the aviation sector.

READ: Cebu Pacific active flying crew now 100% vaccinated

Last month, the airline reported that 100 percent of its flying crew is now vaccinated against COVID-19. Calling the feat a new milestone, Cebu Pacific said the achievement comes in the time of the expected increase of passengers for the holiday season.

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