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Singapore lifts restrictions on Boeing 737 MAX

Aviation Updates Philippines – Singapore has lifted restrictions on the Boeing 737 MAX after grounding the aircraft from operations for more than two years. 

Image: SilkAir Boeing 737 MAX (Credit: Boeing)

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) announced it has lifted restrictions on the Boeing 737 MAX for operations within and out of Singapore effective September 6. Its decision lifts the previous restrictions imposed in March 2019 following two fatal accidents involving the 737 MAX.

In its announcement, the CAAS stated the decision comes after the completion of its technical assessment which included an evaluation of design changes made by Boeing and approved by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and other aviation authorities. The CAAS also reviewed the operational data of flights using the aircraft that have since returned to the skies over the past nine months, to which the CAAS observed that there have been no notable safety issues.

For the resumption of operations, the CAAS will require airlines operating the 737 MAX to implement and comply with the required training actions stated by the US FAA. Foreign airlines operating the 73 7 MAX in Singaporean airspace will need to comply with the US FAA directives along with other requirements set by their home civil aviation authorities.

In a statement, CAAS Director-General Han Kok Juan said: “Aviation safety is paramount. CAAS has taken extra care to assess, monitor and ensure that due diligence has been done and that the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft can operate safely, before lifting restrictions on the aircraft operations into and out of Singapore.”

At present, Singapore Airlines is the lone Singapore-based carrier with the aircraft. Originally delivered for its former regional arm SilkAir, since the carrier was integrated to Singapore Airlines mainline operations the carrier plans to take the delivery of another eight in the financial year ending March 31, 2022. So far there has been no indication when the airline will start flights with the previously grounded aircraft.

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