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Sputnik Aviation, Alpha Aviation Group launch A320 simulator experience

Aviation Updates Philippines – In partnership with Alpha Aviation Group (AAG), Sputnik Aviation announced the launch of its airline experience program, paving the way for aspiring pilots and aviation enthusiasts to experience flying an Airbus A320 in a simulator as real as it gets.

The airline experience is open to everyone, even those without a general knowledge of the ins and outs of aviation. The simulator at AAG mimics the feels and the handling of an A320 on a 1:1 scale. Pilots are using it to train for their type-rating.

"Sputnik Aviation was founded on the principles of keeping positivity in the aviation industry through a rough time. We quickly came to the realization that there was such an amazing community of aviation lovers in our region; all we had to do was bring everyone together," Sputnik Aviation founder and A320 synthetic flight simulator instructor Capt. David de Koenigswarter.

"With the Airline Experience now available, we hope to enlighten many aspirants and wave a message of hope towards those who thought this dream was impossible to achieve," he added.

The simulator experience has two specifics: zero-knowledge profile and experienced simmer profile. These offer specifically-curated sets of activities and challenges depending on one's knowledge in flying the Airbus jet. Both profiles have the same pricing points.

The zero-knowledge profile allows for several take-offs and landings, taxi-in to gate, among others. Meanwhile, the experienced simmer profile allows for patterns, VOR approaches, and even one full flight from point A to B.

A 30-minute session on the simulator costs Php 7,725. If you want to experience flying even longer, you can opt for the 45-minute session at Php 11,330, a 60-minute session at Php 14,420, and a 90-minute full-flight session at Php 20,600.

AAG, one of the premier pilot training institutions in the Philippines, is located at 1092 Jose Abad Santos Ave, Clark Freeport, Zone, Pampanga.

Ruel Rombaoa, AAG Head of Marketing and Sales, said: "Sputnik Aviation played a key role in bringing about the phenomenal growth of the simming community during the pandemic. Simming experience is revolutionized even further." 

He added: "With the infusion of Alpha Aviation Group's (AAG) state-of-the-art Airbus A320 fixed base simulator (the only one of its kind in the country), the "Sputnik Aviation Airline Experience" is now complete. Together, we bring our aspiring pilots closer to their dream."

Sputnik Aviation is a community-driven group with hundreds of members from the Philippines. Through Sputnik's streams with guest stars in the aviation industry, Capt. David aims to inspire aspiring pilots and nurture experienced simmers in preparation for real-world training.

For bookings and inquiries, guests may contact Sputnik Aviation via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/sputnikaviation. Learn more about Sputnik Aviation here.

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