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Japanese budget airline Skymark Airlines unveils special "Pikachu Jet"

Aviation Updates Philippines – For Pokemon fans and enthusiasts, you can catch one of the most popular Pokemon characters with Japanese budget carrier Skymark Airlines. Recently, it unveiled a Pikachu-themed jet coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the Pokemon Company. 

Image: Skymark Airlines unveils Boeing 737-800 with a special Pikachu-themed livery (Credit: Skymark Airlines)

As part of a collaboration with Pokemon Air Adventures, the Tokyo-based airline revealed the Boeing 737-800 (registration JA73AB) with the iconic Pokemon character Pikachu prominently featured on its livery.

Skymark's Pikachu jet will also feature Pikachu on onboard features and inflight services. Each seat will have a Pikachu-themed headrest cover, and flight crew will also serve refreshments with Pikachu-themed cups. Onboard announcements will also feature familiar theme music and sounds from the Pokemon franchise. Passengers will also receive special designed face masks with Pikachu featured in a pilot uniform, and special themed items will also be available for inflight purchase. 

Image: Skymark Pikachu jet interior with special headrest covers (Credit: Skymark Airlines)

The Pikachu-themed jet is part of a collaboration between Skymark and Okinawa Prefecture to help boost tourism to the southern Japanese island. The aircraft will primarily be deployed on flights to Okinawa from Tokyo-Haneda, Miyako, Fukuoka, Kobe, Nagoya, and Ibaraki.

Along with the aircaft livery and inflight services, Skymark has also introduced check-in counters featuring Pikachu at Naha Airport in Okinawa. 

Image: Skymark's special Pikachu-themed check-in counters at Naha Airport, Okinawa (Credit: Skymark Airlines)

As the Pokemon Company celebrates its 25th anniversary, the Skymark Pikachu jet has already operated its first flight from Tokyo-Haneda to Naha in Okinawa Prefecture.

Skymark's Pikachu jet is the newest of a history of aircraft featuring the popular Pokemon characters. It is the first airline to operate Pokemon-themed jets since All Nippon Airways (ANA) with their special liveries on select 747 and 777 aircraft. ANA removed its last Pokemon jet from service in 2016.

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