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Boeing 737-10 MAX performs first flight

Aviation Updates Philippines – On Friday morning, the Boeing 737-10 aircraft, the largest variant in the MAX family, successfully completed its first flight from Renton, Washington.

Boeing 737-10 takes off for first flight. Photo from Boeing.

The test aircraft, registered N27751, departed from Renton at 10:07 am (Pacific Daylight Time) with callsign BOE101. Half an hour later, the plane descended and flew past Moses Lake before landing at Seattle Boeing Field at 12:38 pm.

Overall, the Boeing 737-10 first flight flew for two hours and 31 minutes.

Flight path of Boeing flight 101, the 737-10 first flight earlier. Screenshot from FlightRadar24.com

"The airplane performed beautifully," said 737 Chief Pilot Capt. Jennifer Henderson. "The profile we flew allowed us to test the airplane's systems, flight controls and handling qualities, all of which checked out exactly as we expected."

"The 737-10 is an important part of our customers' fleet plans, giving them more capacity, greater fuel efficiency and the best per-seat economics of any single-aisle airplane," said Stan Deal, president and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes. 

"Our team is committed to delivering an airplane with the highest quality and reliability," Deal added.

The maiden flight was the start of a comprehensive test program for the 737-10. Boeing says it will work closely with regulators to certify the airplane prior to its scheduled entry into service in 2023.

The first flight came unannounced. But before the take-off, reports of the possible first flight for the 737-10 emerged from various aviation news sources and journalists in social media.

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