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Changi Airport to restrict access to terminals, Jewel for two weeks

Aviation Updates Philippines – Due to an outbreak of COVID-19 cases linked to Singapore's Changi Airport, the airport will restrict access to the terminals and the Jewel for two weeks. 

Image: Changi Jewel (Source: Changi Airport Group)

As part of the measures to contain the spread of the virus, all workers of Terminal 1 and 3 and the Jewel will also undergo mandatory COVID-19 tests that started May 9. 

 The facilities will also be restricted to members of the public for two weeks starting from May 13 to May 27.

In a statement, the Changi Airport Group (CAG) stated that the airport will remain open and accessible for passengers with tickets and essential airport workers. Passengers will also be able to be dropped off and picked up at the airport, and essential food & beverage outlets will remain open.

The CAG added: “Aviation workers will continue to do their best to secure Singapore’s borders while ensuring that Singapore stays connected to the world even during the pandemic. We urge all airport workers as well as staff working in Jewel to refrain from going out except for essential work or activities for the next 14 days or until they have been tested negative for COVID-19. They should also not be redeployed to other workplaces or outlets during this period.”

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