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Singapore to accept IATA Travel Pass starting next month

Aviation Updates Philippines – Starting next month, the country of Singapore will be welcoming travelers provided they use a mobile travel pass containing digital certificates for COVID-19 tests and vaccines. 

Image: Changi Airport (Credit: Changi Airport Group)

As part of an ongoing collaboration between the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) and the International Air Transport Association (IATA), passengers will be able to use the IATA mobile travel pass for pre-departure checks and upon arrival to the country. It would make Singapore one of the first countries to adopt the initiative.

Travelers bound for Singapore currently are required to take pre-departure COVID-19 swab tests within 72 hours before their trip bound for Singapore. Test results would have to be presented at airport check-in and upon arrival.

"The information presented on the IATA travel pass will be in a format that satisfies Singapore’s prevailing COVID-19 pre-departure test requirements for entry into Singapore," said both organizations, further adding that they will be working on further enhancements to the travel pass.

“The success of our joint efforts will make IATA’s partnership with the government of Singapore a model for others to follow,” IATA director general Willie Walsh said in a statement.

CAAS director general Kevin Shum added the collaboration with IATA demonstrates the"shared commitment to drive the adoption of digital health certificates and restore international air travel.”

Shum further stated: "As we work to safely rebuild the Changi air hub, we will continue to explore other solutions that can provide similarly secure and verifiable means of sharing health certificates for safe international travel.”

The travel pass has been tested or currently being tested with over 20 airlines around the world including Singapore Airlines. Singapore Airlines recently concluded a trial using the IATA travel pass in late March with travelers between Singapore and London.

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