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Emirates commences IATA Travel Pass trials

Aviation Updates Philippines – Emirates commenced trials of the International Air Transport Association (IATA) Travel Pass – a mobile app to help passengers easily and securely manage their travel in line with any government requirements for COVID-19 testing or vaccine information.

Photo from Emirates

The first passengers traveling from Dubai to Barcelona on EK 185 yesterday trialed the 'digital passport' to verify and share their pre-travel COVID-19 test status with Emirates.

The trials are a step towards making travel more convenient, enabling travelers to manage COVID-19 related documentation digitally, safely, and seamlessly throughout the travel experience. In the
future, travelers will also be able to share vaccination certificates with authorities and airlines to
facilitate travel.

“The ability to process passengers' COVID-19 relevant data for travel digitally will be the way
forward. We are pleased to have been pioneers and partner with IATA in trialing this initiative in real
time and soon will be launching other initiatives to further enhance our customer experience,” said
Adel Al Redha, Emirates' Chief Operating Officer.

The trial is being done on selected Emirates flights from Dubai to Barcelona and London Heathrow to Dubai; and will soon be expanded to include other routes. Eligible passengers are being personally invited to download the app and enroll for the digital travel pass ahead of their travels. In Dubai, Emirates has partnered with select Prime Health Care labs which are authorized to securely send test results to passengers via the app. Those traveling from the UK, can get their test done at select Screen4 labs.

The IATA Travel Pass app will have an integrated registry of travel requirements to enable passengers to find accurate information on travel and entry requirements for all destinations regardless of their itinerary. Eventually it will also include a registry of labs – making it more convenient for passengers to find testing centers and labs at their departure location which meet the standards for testing and vaccination requirements of their destination.

The global registry, managed by IATA, will manage and allow the secure flow of necessary information amongst all stakeholders and to provide a seamless passenger experience.

Emirates has been making travel safe and convenient with its latest initiatives like the IATA Travel Pass trials. Its latest policy updates also offer customers even more confidence and flexibility to make their travel plans. Emirates has the industry's most generous ticket validity, giving customers the ability and flexibility to hold or use their ticket anytime for up to 36 months.

Emirates was also the first airline to provide global multi-risk travel insurance including COVID-19 cover with every flight. Throughout the journey, the airline has also implemented a comprehensive set of measures at every step to ensure the safety of its customers and employees.

Press release from Emirates

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