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Cebu Pacific continues COVID-19 vaccine transport across PH

Aviation Updates Philippines – The Philippines' largest budget carrier, Cebu Pacific Air, on Friday said the airline continues to transport "life-saving" COVID-19 vaccines across the country to assist in the government's vaccination program.

Photo from Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific said it transported a total of 77,800 doses of vaccines to Bacolod, Zamboanga, Tacloban, and Cotabato from April 6 to 7.

This week's batch of consecutive shipments comprises of 7,200 doses to Bacolod, 14,400 doses each to Tacloban and Zamboanga, 34,800 doses to Cotabato, 1,000 doses to Puerto Princesa, and 6,000 doses to Tuguegarao.

"We are glad to actively take part in this national endeavor. These deliveries pave way to the timely and successful rollout of our country's vaccination program, and we are thankful for our partners' trust in Cebu Pacific," said Xander Lao, Cebu Pacific Chief Strategy Officer.

Last month, the Cebu Pacific Group also transport over 53,000 doses of the said vaccine to Tugeugarao and Zamboanga.

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