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All Nippon Airways to launch plastic-free meal trays in economy class

Aviation Updates Philippines – Japanese airline All Nippon Airways (ANA) will eliminate plastic from its economy class meal trays as part of the company's ongoing effort to meet its 2050 sustainability goals.

Photo by Masahiro Takagi

Beginning in August of 2021, economy class passengers on ANA's international flights will receive meal trays made from bagasse, a dry, fibrous material made from crushed sugarcane. This move is expected to reduce the amount of disposable plastic used by the carrier for its in-flight services by about 30 percent.

"At ANA, we view sustainability as critical to our mission and we are constantly searching for ways to reduce our carbon footprint," Chikako Miyata, Senior Vice President and Director of Corporate Sustainability, said in a statement.

Miyata continued: "We will keep making efforts to improve sustainability and create a better planet. We will continue to consider innovative technologies that allow us to operate safely, efficiently, and effectively as we serve the needs of customers worldwide."

Last year, ANA began reducing its use of single-use plastics inside its cabins and lounges when it replaced plastic straws, stirrers, and cutlery with biodegradable alternatives. This reduced the amount of plastic used by 25 tons compared to 2019.

In February of this year, ANA announced that it will no longer provide physical copies of its in-flight magazine Tsubasa Global Wings and other printed materials on its flights. According to the Tokyo-based carrier, doing so would help reduce its paper emissions by about 1,540 tons per year. This will also help cut the company's carbon footprint by an estimated 10,690 tons per year as planes will be lighter and would therefore burn less fuel.

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