PAL launches online food shop

Aviation Updates Philippines – Craving for that famous Arroz Caldo at the Mabuhay lounge? You can now order your 'Arroz Caldo Kit' online via the Philippine Airlines Café on Instagram.

Launched during the flag carrier's 80th anniversary on March 15, the Fly PAL Café offers the perfectly warm bowl of Arroz Caldo to your doorsteps. In five simple steps, you can now enjoy the goodness in your homes.

The package comes with a bowl of porridge good for two to three persons, signature toppings like salted egg, garlic and calamansi, as well as two pairs of wooden spoons and bowls.

You may place your orders by messaging @flypalcafe official Instagram account. Expect for a reply to confirm your order and delivery details. Next, wait while the order is being processed. And after that, receive your delivery and pay for the order.

As of the moment, orders and deliveries from the Fly PAL Cafe are only available in Metro Manila.