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PAL fulfills 90 percent of P17.8 billion COVID-19-related refunds

Aviation Updates Philippines – In an advisory posted on Friday, national flag carrier Philippine Airlines released an update on the status of COVID-19-related refunds it incurred since last year.

According to PAL, the airline has already refunded 90 percent of more than US$ 370 million, or around Php 17.8 billion, in COVID-19-related refund requests from its canceled flights. The airline eyes to resolve the remaining requests in the coming months, and revert to normal processing afterward.

"We are making renewed efforts and committing more resources to progressively step up processing capabilities. Our web-based myPAL Request Hub is being enhanced to improve [the] processing of passenger options such as rebookings, conversions to travel vouchers, refunds, and a new follow-up request feature. Processes are also being streamlined to better support these enhancements and ably deliver on our customers’ expectations. We will strive for more improvements to support refunds and other customer needs as we move decisively towards recovery."

"We sincerely apologize for the long processing time that many of our customers have experienced since the start of the pandemic, in the wake of the forced cancellation of more than 78,000 flights and the travel restrictions that required passengers to abruptly change their travel plans, triggering an unprecedented high volume of refund requests and constraining the ability and resources of airlines to handle them promptly," PAL said in an advisory.

So far, PAL says it has already restored about 25 percent of the pre-COVID-19 domestic and international network. The flag carrier vouched for the resumption of more air service in the future, and the addition of more flights and more routes, depending on market demand and the easing of travel restrictions.

The situation at Philippine Airlines remains promising for now, as the carrier reaffirms its commitment to stay true to its duties as the flag carrier during its 80th anniversary. Coinciding with the anniversary celebrations, PAL earlier launched its online food shop — Fly PAL Cafe.

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