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Cebu Pacific flies 32,000 vaccine doses to Zamboanga, Tuguegarao

Aviation Updates Philippines – Budget airline Cebu Pacific Air has continued to transport COVID-19 vaccines around the country, as part of the airline's commitment to assisting in the logistics for the Philippines' vaccination program.

Photo from Cebu Pacific

Cebu Pacific flew 32,000 COVID-19 vaccine doses to Zamboanga and Tuguegarao on March 10 and March 12, respectively. These vaccines are part of the second batch received by both destinations.

The airline earlier flew an initial 21,000 doses for the same destinations on March 5 last week. Cebgo's ATR 72 freighter fleet was utilized for the transport mission.

In total, the Cebu Pacific Group has already handled 53,000 vaccine doses to the two cities.

“We are happy to continue supporting the distribution of vaccines across the archipelago. Rest assured we will keep doing what we can to ensure the successful rollout of our country’s vaccination program,” said Alex Reyes, President, and CEO of Cebgo.

Cebu Pacific currently has two ATR freighters in its 73-strong fleet, allowing it to boost inter-island connectivity by flying to and from domestic destinations with shorter runways. It also recently converted one of its A330s into a freighter, enabling it to carry more cargo in its cabin on long-range flights.

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