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Cathay Pacific welcomes back freighter service to Brussels

  • The airline delivers first Fosun Pharma/BioNTech vaccines from Europe to Hong Kong and beyond

Aviation Updates Philippines – To increase links with the European vaccine production hub, Cathay Pacific Cargo announces adding additional capacity to operate on the Pharma Corridor between the Belgian capital and Hong Kong. The extra cargo flights are planned until June and the schedule will be adapted to market demand and the latest developments.

The extra cargo flights are planned until June and the schedule will be adapted to market demand and the latest developments. Photo from Cathay Pacific

The airline has seen a growing demand for cargo flights between Belgium and Hong Kong, as the leading freight and logistics hub in Asia. Cathay Pacific Cargo is a member of the Pharma Aero alliance and operates a Pharma Corridor between the CEIV Pharma airport communities at Brussels and Hong Kong International Airport.

Cathay Pacific Head of Cargo Europe, Jansen Stafford said: "While for now this is a temporary addition to our cargo network to respond to market demand, today's news is a boost to the entire Cargo, Engineering and Airport teams who have worked extremely hard to display our Cathay spirit and can-do attitude. We look forward to coming back to Brussels and support the market demand of Belgium and beyond.”

“With the growing number of vaccines produced, Belgium confirms its position as important location for vaccines producers. Brussels Airport is proud to contribute to the logistics of Covid-19 vaccines to all parts of the world, and very happy to welcome Cathay Pacific again, reconnecting the two Pharma CEIV certified centres with each other.” Geert Aerts, Director Cargo & Logistics, Brussels Airport Company

Vaccine Solution recognised by UNICEF

Earlier this month, Cathay Pacific Cargo shipped the first batch of one million Fosun Pharma / BioNTech vaccines from Frankfurt to Hong Kong, drawing on its long-standing expertise in pharmaceutical shipments. With its successful vaccine distribution, Cathay Pacific ensures the high level of quality required to ship corona vaccines.

Cathay Pacific Cargo's level of commitment and expertise is now recognized not only by Cathay Pacific Cargo customers but also by UNICEF. The airline has recently started supporting participation in the UNICEF Humanitarian Airfreight Initiative to support the COVAX program: the global partnership aimed at fair access to corona vaccines for all countries.

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