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ANA restores daily flights from Manila to Tokyo-Narita

Aviation Updates Philippines – Starting this month, All Nippon Airways (ANA) will increase flights between Manila and Tokyo along with operating interim flights between Japan and the US mainland along with Frankfurt. 
In a release issued on February 4, the Tokyo-based airline restored daily flights on the inbound leg from Manila to Narita (NH820) this month. Previously operating thrice-weekly, the change will now have both segments including the outbound Narita-Manila segment (NH819) operating daily.

ANA also announced it will operate an additional three flights during the month of March from Tokyo-Haneda to Bangkok. The airline will operate NH847 on March 3, 17, 31 to go along with the current 6-times weekly schedule. The return segment (NH850) continues to operate daily while the other two roundtrip flights (NH849/848 and NH877/878) remain suspended.

Along with the increase in flights between Tokyo and Manila, ANA announced a series of interim flights that will be operated during the month of March. The flights will operate once or twice during the month of March to either Nagoya-Chubu or Osaka-Kansai.

The temporary flights announced subject to government approvals are listed below:
  • Los Angeles-Nagoya NH1931 on March 12
  • Chicago-Nagoya NH1933 on March 13
  • San Francisco-Nagoya NH1911 on March 20
  • Chicago-Osaka NH1935 on March 20
  • Frankfurt-Nagoya NH1916 on March 14 and 21

Overall, ANA reports its operational rate will be around 18% during February and 19% in March.

Photo from ANA

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