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LOOK: SEAir acquires second 737 cargo plane

Aviation Updates Philippines – An old-time player in the Philippine aviation industry, South East Asian Airlines (SEAir) International, recently acquired an additional Boeing 737 converted cargo aircraft from a Congo-based freight airline.

The airline said the arrival of the new jet "...will help grow their logistics partners business'."

GROWING FLEET. Pictured above is the two Boeing 737-200 freighter aircraft operated by SEAir International. The aircraft are based out of Clark. Photo from SEAir.

INCREASED REACH. The acquisition of these new jets will enable SEAir to fly to more destinations, and support its scheduled cargo services. Photo from SEAir

OLD BUT RELIABLE. Since cargoes don't complain, it's much typical for cargo airlines to acquire older aircraft since it lowers costs. As long as it is airworthy, there's no reason to panic. Photo from SEAir.

The new aircraft, re-registered with the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines as RP-C4753, is specifically a Boeing 737-2Q8C(A) variant and is now roughly 41 years old. 

According to data from Planespotters.net, International Trans Air Business (ITAB) was the plane's previous operator since 2013; however, it started service with FedEx in October 1979.

SEAir confirmed their acquisition of the 737 on their official Facebook page. RP-C4753 arrived in Clark, Pampanga this week. The aircraft will be joined by SEAir's pioneer 737 freighter it acquired in 2011, RP-C4737.

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