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Boeing: 157 commercial jets delivered in 2020

Aviation Updates Philippines – During 2020, the Boeing company delivered 157 commercial jets.

In a release about its Fourth Quarter-2020 (4Q 2020) deliveries, the US-based aircraft manufacturer delivered 59 jets during the time period – accounting for nearly 38% of the jets delivered the whole year. During 4Q 2020, most of the deliveries made were for 31 Boeing 737s followed by the 777 (11) and 767 (10) jets.

For the whole year, the 787s were the aircraft type with the most deliveries with 53 followed by the 737 family with 43. Boeing also delivered 30 767 and 26 777s.

Along with the commercial aircraft deliveries, Boeing also listed deliveries for its Defense, Space & Security Programs which includes AH-64 Apache helicopters and F/A-18 models.

The annual total of aircraft deliveries was hampered by a pause in deliveries for both the Boeing 737 MAX and 787s. Boeing 737 MAX deliveries resumed in December after the US Federal Aviation Administration approved changes to the flight control systems, while the 787s went through comprehensive inspections.

Through the global pandemic, we took meaningful steps to adapt to our new market, transform our business and deliver for our commercial, defense, space and services customers in 2020," said Greg Smith, Boeing executive vice president of Enterprise Operations and chief financial officer.

For the future, Smith further stated: “As we continue navigating through the pandemic, we're working closely with our global customers and monitoring the slow international traffic recovery to align supply with market demand across our widebody programs. In 2021, we'll continue taking the right actions to enhance our safety culture, preserve liquidity and transform our business for the future."

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