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AirAsia earns perfect 7-star rating for COVID-19 compliance

Aviation Updates Philippines – AirAsia has been named as among the top 20 COVID-compliant airlines for 2021 by AirlineRatings.com, an international airline safety ranking organization.  

AirAsia Philippines received a perfect 7-star rating for COVID-19 compliance and a safety rating of 6 out of 7 seven stars on AirlineRatings.com. 

Airlineratings.com reviews airlines based on seven criteria including website information on COVID-19 procedures, the wearing of face masks, personal protection equipment for the crew, modified meal service, regular deep cleaning of aircraft and personal sanitizer kits.

AirAsia developed a multi-layered approach to safety to provide a safe, affordable and convenient experience for guests. We have made developments and improvements to our passenger journey, including stringent health and safety protocols, as well as digital solutions from pre-flight to arrival.

The organization also noted AirAsia’s multi-layered approach to safety protocols as it has gone “above and beyond in the protection of passengers”, among which is the wearing of face mask, face shield and PPEs by its Cabin Crew.  

AirAsia was one of the first to develop self check-in kiosks for contactless transactions, and was among the first airlines to encourage the use of Traze App and the strict implementation of contact tracing forms for all passengers.

AirAsia Philippines CEO Ricky Isla said “Safety has always been the core of AirAsia’s business.  Along with the company’s efforts to restore confidence in air travel, we make sure to continuously communicate essential information to our guests to improve customer experience and satisfaction.

We humbly take this recognition as a challenge to make each flight worry-free and as safe as possible, as we also continue to bridge islands together and families closer,” he added.

Press release from AirAsia Newsroom

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