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Philippine Coast Guard receives second H145 helicopter

Aviation Updates Philippines – The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) has received its second Airbus H145 helicopter on Monday, October 14, making the agency the first coast guard in the world to operate the state-of-the-art helicopter.

In a press release, Airbus Helicopters said the new 4-tonne-class twin-engine helicopter is specially equipped with weather radar, bambi bucket, emergency floatation gears, and external loudspeaker to perform critical missions such as search and rescue, maritime patrol, law enforcement, and fire-fighting.

The formal acceptance ceremony of the agency’s newest asset was held on Monday during the PCG’s 119th founding anniversary. The first H145 of the PCG has already proven itself an efficient workhorse as it flew various missions amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Having led numerous operations in the country for many years, we are very happy to be the first in the Philippines to introduce the H145 for parapublic missions,” said Captain Philipps Y.Soria, Commander of Coast Guard Aviation Force, at the agency’s 119th anniversary celebrations where the second H145 was commissioned. “Our work is ever-evolving, and we need an aircraft that can keep up with a wide range of requirements. We appreciate the H145’s versatility, endurance, and reliability in all conditions.”

“Philippine Coast Guard and Airbus go a long way back since the agency’s first BO105 in 1975. We are delighted that the coast guard has chosen the H145 to strengthen their parapublic fleet. The first H145 helicopter already operated by the coast guard, has proven itself and had taken on numerous humanitarian missions, including the delivery of personal protection equipment and essential supplies to frontliners in the Coast Guard District in Negros Occidental, a province located in the Southern Visayas, earlier in March in the fight against COVID-19. We are also happy to know that this second H145 has undertaken its first surveillance mission recently,” said Lionel de Maupeou, Managing Director of Airbus Helicopters Philippines.

“We believe that this high performing light-twin helicopter, with its outstanding mission capability, flexibility and operational excellence, will be a perfect fit for Philippine Coast Guard’s most demanding and critical missions. Airbus remains strongly committed, with the support of our in-country team based in Manila, in ensuring the fleet’s high availability for all missions,” he added.

There are six Airbus H145 helicopters suited for business operations currently flying in the Philippines and more than 1,400 units worldwide. The H145, the quietest in its class, is also well-suited for rescue and emergency missions as it is designed with a spacious, unobstructed cabin.

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