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Cebu Pacific mounts more international flights

Aviation Updates Philippines – Low-cost carrier Cebu Pacific Air announced on Thursday the flight schedule for August. The revised timetable for next month features more international flights and an adjusted plan for the domestic sector.

“We are taking a conservative and agile approach to rebuilding our international network. While demand remains soft, there is latent demand for travel, particularly from stranded individuals and those who are eager to come home to visit their families,” said Candice Iyog, Vice President for Marketing and Customer Experience of Cebu Pacific. 

Cebu Pacific will restart Tokyo (Narita)-Manila flights on August 1, Manila-Singapore-Manila and Manila-Incheon flights on August 6, Manila-Taipei-Manila and Osaka-Manila flights on August 7. As of the moment, inbound passengers to Japan and outbound passengers from Korea are not allowed.

These new flights complement the existing air services between Manila and Dubai, which was relaunched mid-July. All other international flights not mentioned remain canceled as part of Cebu Pacific's phased, agile approach in resuming flights.

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For August, the following international flights are available through Cebu Pacific (as of July 30, 2020):

  • Manila-Dubai (every Sunday)
  • Dubai-Manila (every Monday)
  • Manila-Incheon (every Thursday)
  • Narita-Manila (every Wednesday and Saturday)
  • Osaka-Manila (every Friday)
  • Manila-Singapore (every Thursday and Saturday)
  • Singapore-Manila (every Friday and Sunday)
  • Manila-Taipei (every Wednesday and Friday)
  • Taipei-Manila (every Thursday and Saturday)

AUP previously reported on the planned relaunch of more international flights since last week. However, the airline made few adjustments on the date and schedule and decided not to include Nagoya flights for August. More flights are expected to be resumed in the coming months.

Meanwhile, Cebu Pacific has enforced enhanced health measures to protect passengers on its flights. According to the airline, passengers can expect "layers" of bio-security measures that begin at the point of checking-in for a flight online.

“We have taken extra precautions and assure travelers that preventive measures are in place so we can start rebuilding the trust and confidence in air travel,” Iyog added. 

To add, the low-cost airline's aircraft are fitted with High Efficiency Particular Arrestor (HEPA) filters, similar to hospital rooms, that trap all contaminants in the air, including the Novel Coronavirus, with 99.99% efficiency.

Photo from Cebu Pacific Air

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